Stage technology

Bar hoists
The hoists related to stage technology are usually bars which are moved by several wires. Nominal loads and speeds of the bars can be for example 500 kg and 1.8 m/sec. A variety of background fabrics and scenery can be hanged on the bars.

Lightning bar
The hanging of lights is often made by so-called lightning truss when lights can be lifted down for service and maintenance. Lifting capacity of the lightning bar is usually greater compared to the bar hoists, for example 1500-2500 kg. The lightning truss are equipped with wire way between moving and fixed part so that wiring can be arranged.

Point hoists
Easy mobility is the feature of the point hoists. The hoist can be moved freely to the most preferred location. Lifting capacity of the point hoist is usually about 250 kg and speed 0-1.8 m/sec.

Floor lifts
Floor lifts are made for space defined by the customer with necessary features and components. Lifting capacity varies according to use, - thousands of kilos if needed. The speed is usually between 0-300 mm/sec. The floors can be equipped for example with mechanical tilt function.

Revolving stage
The revolving stage is a part of the floor that can be rotated mechanically. The diameter of the revolving stage can be over ten meters. The revolving stage can be implemented as higher when it is possible to place floor lifts therein. Overall height of the revolving stage can reach up to 300 mm. Implementation is customized according to customer's needs.

Main curtain and curtain systems
Customized curtain systems and main curtain machinery will be implemented according to requirements of target. For example equipped with the machine the opening can be to the side or upwards.

Scheduled maintenance ja test loads for lifters
We perform scheduled maintenance service for different kind of lifts according to the maintenance manual. During the maintenance service we will check functionality and condition of the lift. We will always make separate maintenance record about the maintenance results.

According to act 403/2008 section § 34 of the government experimental use shall be performed in for years after the introduction. The test load can be carry out according to section SFS 4261. The purpose of the test drive is to make sure safety of the lift and test safety equipments and emergency stop of the equipment. After the test run should it be checked that the load has not caused damage to steel structures or to any other loaded parts like defects in design

Test load weights
In our range there is a lot of different kind of test load weights up to higher size. Contact us, on request we will transport the weights to Your location.
Some weight examples:
Trolley weights: 70-120 kg each, can be moved by hands
Pallet weights: 700-1000 kg pallet, can be moved for example by pallet jack
Separate weights: 12 kg each, so-called scene weight
Weight sacks: n. 33 kg each, can be hanged on vertical pipe etc.
Scales Tamtron 6300 kg for weighings

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